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What is Hostelite?

Hostelite is a free tool that helps your guests communicate with your staff and with each other.

  • Private

    Guests can only see and chat with other travelers checked into their hostel for that night. They can post in the feed, or talk privately in a message.

  • Safe & Secure

    We put powerful user-blocking and post-flagging features right at your guests fingertips, to help make sure everyone is comfortable.

  • No Work From You

    We built the app, we run the servers. Your guests can use any wi-fi or cellphone data connection. We only need you to tell us where your hostel is.

  • The Cloud Common Room

    People are already meeting up when they're in your hostel. With our app, they can connect with guests who may not be around when they arrive.

Exceed guest expectations

Hostelite isn't just a social network - it's also a great way for you to stay in touch with your guests, wherever they are.

Digitally distribute house rules and your check-out time. Share tips and tricks only locals like you know. Let your guests reach out to you if they need help, turning a potentially bad review on Hostel World into a positive one.

  • Post events and activities
  • Recommend restaurants and things to do
  • Share important info
  • Make sure your hostel is on Hostelite - it's free!

Joining the Hostelite network is free for you. Forever.

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